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I am an ex schoolteacher, businesses person, wife, mother, and grandmother. My passion is mental health and question ‘why the current epidemic of mental health issues?’.

Looking back through the decades and the way life has changed I have undertaking considerable research in the value of growing up knowing family origins, mores, values, tradition, customs etc.

I can find very little local research, to this point most has been done in America.

The research is showing that knowing what the family holds dear and passes down through the generations is helping with teenage mental health and is acting as a glue that holds the family together. As always this is general and not for every teenager/young adult however at the point where young people are making decisions research is showing those with this family information tend to respect that and are less likely to follow the gang mentality.


To this end I have written a family history book applicable for all Australians, original Australians right through to refugees and suitable for all family types. It is written with the emphasis on recalling memories through the five senses. My passion is that there will be a copy in each extended family in Australia, no matter how your family is shaped.

There are two books, one with a male bias and one with a female bias.

The journal has sold well over here in the West with several copies finding their way to the Eastern Seaboard and even overseas.

I would now like to get the book into more households across the border. Thinking too that in this time of much negativity and people in lockdown this is a positive way to spend time, to introduce children and grand children to the previous world before history becomes only available through a generic history book. Too what a legacy to your family’s future generations. You will not be forgotten. Even the fact the stories are written on paper will be something to wonder at in a couple of generations.

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